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about lorna


I came from Zimbabwe to New Zealand as a single mother with two small boys over ten years ago.  Life was difficult back then.  I was on my own, working full time and doing my best to build a new life for us.  A lot of the time I remember just trying to get through the days.​


In 2005 I signed up for Pascha Therapist Training and began a journey that has, and continues to, change my life for the better.


I have found sanctuary in the amazing work of Pascha Therapies© and in learning to always turn inwards to consult my own intuition for all my decisions in life.

I got married a few years ago and now live just outside of Christchurch in a country village.

Life is good!  It has changed for me so radically that I still have to look around at my daily life with amazement sometimes :-).  I have a lot to be grateful for.

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